During the 2016 sponsorship season for off-road racing, Jesi Stracham reached out to Justified Cultures, a clothing company out of Arizona, using a sponsorship website. Dundee, Justified Cultures owner, saw how unique Jesi and her story were. Together they created a clothing line with the proceeds being received by SCI Patients to help them get back to an independent life after inpatient rehabilitation. After searching for a place to send the funds, Dundee came up with the idea to co-found the Wheel With Me Foundation, so that we can personally help each person.

The Wheel With Me Foundation is focused on a growing community of men and women who are wheelchair users. Our mission is to bridge the gap between inpatient rehabilitation and independent living through activism with the ultimate goal of constructing a transitional home to bridge the gap between inpatient rehabilitation and the real world. The residents of the Wheel With Me Campus will be accompanied by a caring staff member ready to coach them through their journey. Each resident will learn wheelchair skills, how to address and overcome daily obstacles, and care for themselves while fostering their own personal development. Upon graduation, the resident will be confident reintegrating into their home, community, and workplace.

Our Leadership

Jesi Stracham

Founder Jesi Stracham is the visionary of the Wheel With Me Foundation. Jesi amplifies the voice of individuals living with paralysis and brings to light its day-to-day challenges.

Through her own experiences, Jesi shares a real-life view of the world of someone with a spinal cord injury. Jesi's content is focused on igniting advocacy and mobilizing support around a powerful purpose. She engages multiple communities across traditional and non-traditional markets through events, appearances, and social media.

Brianna Paauwe

Brianna Paauwe obtained a spinal cord injury in 2011 after crashing her car while drinking and driving. After her accident, she became very dedicated to helping and serving others in her communities. She was trained in First Aid, CPR, and Harm Reduction while volunteering at music events, then went on to college to learn how to better support others. In 2022, she graduated college with a Bachelors Degree in Human Service and a Minor in Criminal Justice. She has certifications in social work, marketing, entrepreneurship, and peer-specialist support.

Brianna joined the Wheel With Me team in the summer of 2021, remotely, and following graduation in 2022 she moved to Charlotte to fully dedicate herself to the WWM mission. Outside of work, Brianna is passionate about animals, hula hooping, meal prepping, and photography.